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Yes, the Ministry of Health has launched a Pregnancy Tracking (PReSTrack) App.

SLAJ-iVerify has fact-checked the claim that the Ministry of Health and Sanitation has unveiled a pregnancy tracking app and found it to be true. The app, named PReSTrack, is a transformative application with mobile and web-based capabilities, on and offline designed to enhance maternal and newborn health outcomes by providing real-time tracking of pregnancies, and flagging high-risk conditions early to enable timely life-saving interventions. By empowering health professionals with this digital tool and educating communities about the importance of monitoring pregnancies, PReSTrack aims to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality.


Ministry of Health Unveils Pregnancy Tracking App to Combat Maternal Mortality.

Rating Justification

The SLAJ-iVerify network of fact-checking desks has verified this claim and found it true. To confirm the accuracy of this information, SLAJ-iVerify consulted several sources, including the official social media handles of the Ministry of Health.

On July 2, 2024, the Ministry of Health’s Facebook and Twitter pages featured a post announcing the launch of the PreStrack app. This new app is designed to track pregnancies and help reduce maternal mortality.

In addition to the Ministry of Health’s pages, SLAJ-iVerify also cross-checked the information with other key government sources. The official pages of the Chief Minister, the Ministry of Communication, Technology, and Innovation, and the Directorate of Science, Technology & Innovation (DSTI) also posted about the app’s launch, corroborating the claim.

Likewise, UNFPA Sierra Leone has also published a news report on this story.

Therefore, the claim that the Ministry of Health has unveiled a pregnancy tracking app to combat maternal mortality is verified as true.