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Yes, the EU Chief Observer Evin Incir has presented the 2023 election report to President Bio.

SLAJ iVerify has fact checked the above claim and found it to be true.


Facebook user, Stephen Bockarie claims the EU Chief Observer has presented the 2023 election report to President Bio.

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The SLAJ iVerify Network’s Fast Checking Desk has examined the claim and verified it as true.
To reach this conclusion, the SLAJ iVerify Network of Fact-Checking Desks undertook the following steps:

The SLAJ iVerify team analyzed a press release related to the event, issued by the State House Media and Communications Unit.

Also, the SLAJ iVerify fact-checking team discovered that during the press conference of the same report at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Aberdeen, Freetown, on Tuesday, 10 October , 2023, the European Union confirmed that they had presented the 85-page report to the President Bio earlier on that day.

In light of the evidence above, SLAJ iVerify concludes that the claim is true.

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