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Yes, Ibrahim Stevens has been appointed as Sierra Leone’s Substantive Central Bank Governor.

SLAJ iVerify network of fact-checking desk has fact-checked the claim that Ibrahim Steven has been appointed Governor of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone and establishes it as true.


“Ibrahim Stevens has been appointed substantive Bank Governor of Sierra Leone” social media claim

Rating Justification

SLAJ iVerify has concluded that the claim that Ibrahim Stevens has been appointed the substantive Bank Governor of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone is true. To arrive at this conclusion, SLAJ iVerify took the following steps:

We traced the said claim on the different Social Media platforms to ascertain its virality.

Furthermore, SLAJ iVerify contacted the State House Communications Manager, Tanu Jalloh who confirmed that the appointment was indeed true and credible.

Evidence and References

State House Communication Manager – Tanu Jalloh