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Yes, gunshots were fired around Sierra Leone’s main military barracks.

SLAJ iVerify has verified the above claim and confirmed that it is true.


“Gunshots are being fired around Sierra Leone’s main army barracks at Wilberforce/Hill Station in Freetown”, social media claim.

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At around 2:30 on Sunday 26th November 2023, gunshots were heard around Sierra Leone’s main military barracks (armoury) at Wilberforce in Freetown.

Two reporters, Victor Jones, an investigative journalist and fact-checker who had just gotten home when the firing started close to his residence at Hill Station, and former BBC reporter Umaru Fofana posted same on Facebook around the same time. Umaru claimed to have been tipped off by a senior military officer.

Tweets from President Julius Maada Bio and the US Embassy in Sierra Leone also confirm this.

Likewise, a nurse who works for the 34 military hospital at Wilberforce also claimed to have heard the sustained gunshots while on duty. She claimed in a WhatsApp voice note that a truck of armed arsonists entered the military barracks where much of the force’s arsenal is kept. “They wanted to steal the ammunition but a gun battle ensued between them and the military officers that were on duty” she cried.