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Yes, David Sengeh’s book “Radical Inclusion” is among Amazon’s Top 20 books on Business and Leadership for 2023.

SLAJ-iVerify has fact-checked the claim that David Sengeh’s Radical Inclusion’ is among Amazon’s Top 20 Business And Leadership Books of 2023 and found it to be true.


“David Sengeh’s ‘Radical Inclusion’ is Among Amazon’s Top 20 Business And Leadership Books of 2023” social media claim.

Rating Justification

The claim is that the book “Radical Inclusion” which was written by Sierra Leone’s former Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education and current Chief Minister, David M. Sengeh (PhD) is listed among Amazon’s top 20 Business and Leadership Books of 2023.

SLAJ-iVerify network of fact-checking desk has fact-checked the claim and found it to be true. To arrive at this conclusion SLAJ-iVerify took the following steps:

SLAJ-iVerify followed through on Amazon’s List of Top 2023 books and found Radical Inclusion among 19 other books on Business and Leadership.

SLAJ-iVerify also flipped through Dr. Sengeh’s Facebook page where the Minister often post about his activities and found a post he made detailing the book being on Amazon’s list.