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Yes, APC has readmitted Former Vice President, Samuel Sam-Sumana into the Party.

SLAJ-iVerify has fact-checked the claim that Former Vice President, Sam-Sumana has been readmitted into the APC Party and found it to be true.


APC readmits Former Vice President Sam-Sumana into Party

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The SLAJ iVerify fact-checking desk has fact-checked the claim that former Vice President Samuel Sam-Sumana has been readmitted to his former party, the main opposition, the All Peoples Congress (APC) and found it to be True.

To arrive at this conclusion, the SLAJ iVerify examined the viral press statement from the APC regarding Sam-Sumana’s readmission and confirmed its authenticity.

SLAJ-iVerify contacted APC Secretary General, Lawyer Lansana Dumbuya, who confirmed Sam-Sumana’s readmission to the party. He clarified that Sam-Sumana has been “readmitted” rather than “reinstated,” countering some bloggers’ reports.

SLAJ-iVerify also spoke with Brima Michael Turay, a spokesman for Sam-Sumana. Turay confirmed that Sam-Sumana has rejoined the APC unconditionally. He noted that the term “unconditionally” was agreed upon in the NAC meeting but was not mentioned in the press release.

Samuel Sam-Sumana was expelled from the APC in 2015 due to accusations of inciting violence and attempting to form a breakaway party in Kono. Following this, he was dismissed from his position as Vice president. The then-President’s office stated that Sam Sumana was sacked for abandoning his duties and seeking political asylum at the U.S. Embassy. Sam-Sumana disputed these allegations, calling his dismissal unconstitutional. The Supreme Court of Sierra Leone upheld the President’s decision, but the ECOWAS Court later ruled the dismissal illegal and ordered reparations for Sam-Sumana.

The claim that Samuel Sam-Sumana has been readmitted into the APC is verified as true based on confirmed statements from both the APC Secretary General and a spokesman for Sam-Sumana.

Evidence and References

APC press statement posted by a journalist, Thomas Dixon https://twitter.com/thomasd05987132/status/1793745317663301703?t=FQ0pp9zzTWZaH8jLtCmcMg&s=19

APC Secretary General, Layer Lansana Dumbuya confirmed the press statement is authentic

Spokesman for the Former Vice President, Brima Michael Turay