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No, the photo going viral, claiming “Snow in Kabala,” is false.

SLAJ iVerify has fact-checked the above claim and found it to be false.


Snow in Kabala. Kabala is one of the main towns in Northern Sierra Leone and is set in a rural landscape surrounded by mountains.

Rating Justification

SLAJ-iVerify has fact-checked the claim of snowfall in Kabala, a prominent town in Sierra Leone’s northern region, and confirmed it to be false.

In reaching this conclusion, SLAJ-iVerify implemented the following procedures:

Utilized an AI-Generated Image Detector, which revealed that the image consists of 70.86% AI and 29.14% human elements. This analysis supports the claim that the image was generated using an AI tool.

SLAJ Iverify also contacted Alpha Koroma, a journalist based in Kabala, who affirmed that the widely circulated photo claiming to depict snow in Kabala is indeed false.

With the information gathered, SLAJ-iVerify conclusively affirms that the claim of snowfall in Kabala is false.

Evidence and References

Reverse image lookup tool

AI-Generated Image Detector

Veteran journalist Alpha Koroma