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No, Germinio’s claim that the SLPP did not pass the 2024 Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) scorecard is false.

SLAJ iVerify has fact-checked the above claim using data from the 2024 MCC scorecard for the financial year 2024 and concludes that it is false.


“Unfortunately for the SLPP and their thieves, they cannot pass the MCC scorecard for 2024” Germinio claims in a social media write-up.

Rating Justification

A viral social media write-up by one Germinio claims among many things that the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), failed to pass the 2024 Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) scorecard. SLAJ iVerify has used available data from the MCC website and concluded that the above claim is false. Below is an analysis of Sierra Leone’s performance in the said report, which was published on Tuesday 7th November 2023:

According to the report, Sierra Leone passed 10 of the 20 indicators. The MCC secretariat explains that boxes highlighted in green are those that meet performance standards of indicators, while those in red boxes fail to meet same.

Out of the 20 indicators in the report. Sierra Leone passed 10 as follows:
1. Land Rights & Access with 57% and a score of 0.68
2. Employment Opportunity with 87% and a score of 0.701
3. Political Right 87% with a score of 27
4. Civil Liberties 89% with a score of 36
5. Control of Corruption 76% with a score of 0.54
6. Rule of Law 67% with a score of 0.19
7. Freedom of Information 89% with a score of 64.6
8. Education Expenditure whose data was received after the report had been published but the country passed the indicator (according to the report).
9. Immunization Rates 89% with a score of 90.5
10. Girls’ Pri Education Completion Rate 92% with a score of 97.8

According to the MCC report, all of the above indicators appeared in green which shows a pass.

However, the country failed in other 10 indicators in the report which would amount to a 50% pass rate given that there are 20 indicators in all.

Evidence and References

MCC scorecard for financial year 2024

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